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Simple, Sweet, Slow.

In life and in flowers.

When I began planning my cutting garden in 2019, I was unaware of how essential it would become for my family and I. Among the flowers, time slows. The mind quiets and turns to focus on the little, beautiful, important things. It's a safe space for my daughter to learn, play and imagine. A space where as we nurture the plants and the earth, we are able to nurture our spirits and create beautiful things. The best part of growing flowers, though, is being able to give them. There's no question about it - flowers make people happy.

As the garden faded in 2020, I was more inspired than ever to share the beauty by expanding the plot and growing more flowers. I want to be able to provide my neighbors and local businesses with healthy, fresh-from-the garden flowers that you can feel good about  burying your face in.

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