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Simple, Sweet, Slow...

In life and in flowers.

When I began planning a cutting garden in 2019, I was unaware of just how essential it would become for me and my family's well-being. Among the flowers, time slows. The mind quiets and hones in on the little, beautiful, important things. It's a safe space for my daughter to learn, play and imagine. A space where as we nurture the plants and the earth, we are able to nurture our spirits and create beautiful things. The best part of growing flowers, though, is sharing them. There's no question about it - flowers make people happy, and in 2020 every one of us needed some extra joy.

As the garden faded that Fall, I felt more inspired than ever to share the beauty by expanding the plot and growing more flowers. I want to be able to provide my local community with healthy, fresh-from-the garden flowers that you can feel good about  burying your face into.

Btw, that's me - Brynn... hi! :)

Continuing to grow

We first broke ground designated for specialty flowers in the fall of 2019; a few humble rows on our shy-3-acre property in Woodinville, surrounded by horse pastures and under the micro-management of a toddler.  Every year since, the growing space has doubled in size.

My focus has been growing unique varieties and cultivars of flowers and foliage that are useful to the modern floral designer; those which add that wild, whimsical element that can elevate a simple bouquet into a distinctive design.

I'm committed to growing chemical-free; instead focusing on the health of the land and soil, creating a sanctuary for wildlife and beneficial insects to live and do their work, and in turn supporting a balanced ecosystem. 

The flowers that leave our farm are full of light, love and personality. I'd be so happy for you to experience the magic of local, seasonal, field-grown flowers.

Behind the Scenes

For the most part I'm a one-lady show, but you'll often see some extra  helping hands, paws and hooves in my company!

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